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Seacare Permanent Impairment

22 May 23

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Entitlement to Permanent Impairment in the Seafarers Seacare Jurisdiction

In the maritime industry, work-related incidents can result in permanent impairments that significantly impact a seafarer’s quality of life and earning capacity. To provide appropriate compensation, the Seacare scheme in Australia offers a permanent impairment lump sum payment to seafarers. This article explores the key aspects of Seacare’s permanent impairment lump sum, including eligibility criteria, calculation methods, and its significance in safeguarding the well-being of seafarers.

Eligibility and Assessment

To be eligible for a permanent impairment lump sum payment under the Seacare scheme, seafarers must have sustained a permanent impairment as a result of a work-related injury or illness. The impairment must meet specific criteria defined by the scheme’s legislation and guidelines. It is crucial for a seafarer to undergo medical assessments conducted by accredited medical practitioners who specialise in assessing permanent impairments.

Calculation and Factors Considered

The calculation of the permanent impairment lump sum payment takes into account various factors, including the severity and extent of the impairment, the age of the worker at the time of assessment, and the worker’s measured percentage of permanent impairment. Seacare utilises a schedule of impairments that assigns a specific impairment rating to different types of permanent impairments. This rating is then used to determine the amount of compensation a worker is entitled to receive.

The schedule of impairments provides guidance on the assessment and rating of different impairments, considering the impact on the worker’s ability to perform various activities of daily living and engage in gainful employment. The impairment rating is expressed as a percentage, and the corresponding lump sum payment is calculated based on this rating and other relevant factors.

Significance and Support for Workers

The permanent impairment lump sum payment holds significant importance for seafarers who have suffered permanent impairments. It provides them with financial support and acknowledges the long-term consequences of their work-related injuries or illnesses. The compensation received can help workers with ongoing medical expenses, rehabilitation, and adjustments to their daily lives.

Seacare also recognizes the importance of providing support to workers throughout the process. This includes access to information, support from specialised medical practitioners, and legal assistance if necessary. These measures aim to ensure that workers understand their entitlements and receive fair compensation for their permanent impairments.

The Seacare scheme’s permanent impairment lump sum payment is a crucial aspect of safeguarding the well-being of seafarers in Australia. By providing fair compensation for permanent impairments resulting from work-related incidents, Seacare acknowledges the significant impact on workers’ lives and aims to provide financial support and assistance. This commitment demonstrates the importance of ensuring fair compensation for seafarers and upholding their rights within the maritime industry.

Seafarers Workers Compensation

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