Administrative Appeals Tribunal Update

Administrative Appeals Tribunal Update On 16 December 2022, the Government announced reform to Australia’s system of administrative review. This reform will abolish the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and establish a new federal administrative review body. All cases currently before the AAT will continue as usual while the reform is progressed, including all federal workers compensation matters […]

Seacare Permanent Impairment

Entitlement to Permanent Impairment in the Seafarers Seacare Jurisdiction In the maritime industry, work-related incidents can result in permanent impairments that significantly impact a seafarer’s quality of life and earning capacity. To provide appropriate compensation, the Seacare scheme in Australia offers a permanent impairment lump sum payment to seafarers. This article explores the key aspects […]

Seafarers Compensation

Seafarers Compensation (Workers) Seafarers Compensation refers to the specific federal workers compensation scheme that governs workers in the seafaring industry (offshore and bluewater) around the country and internationally. Need a Seacare lawyer? DID YOU KNOW THAT WE HANDLE SEAFARERS MATTERS ALL AROUND AUSTRALIA? No matter where you are – We can help! Ask us how. […]